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Powerlift System

Innova’s industry-exclusive electric powerlift system is an excellent enhancement to the superior quality Pro-frame. If you rent time on your machine, have multiple quilters, or just like to switch between sitting and standing, the Innova’s Powerlift system is a welcome upgrade. Equipped with compact motorized linear actuators, the Innova power lift sytem is quite unique. Competitiors’ systems utilize hydraulics which are prone to seal failures and disastrous oil leaks. The Innova powerlift system completely eliminates this old technology with the latest linear actuators, which allows for decades of maintenance-free operation. Our lift system is extremely rigid and does not wobble like other systems currently available on the market, even at the top of stroke, which is 11˝ of movement.

powerfeed system

Powerfeed System

The Innova’s fantastic powerfeed system can be easily added to the Pro-frame with no modifications in just a few minutes. With the addition of our unique powerfeed the quilter can quickly and easily wind and unwind the take-up roller. Our superior quality industrial hypoid gear motor with inverter drive is amazing in every way possible. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis or tendonitis don’t go without our powerfeed.

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Innova’s exclusive Crosshatch ruler can be added to the Pro-frame for quilters that perform intense ruler work. This unique system replaces the by-pass roller with a special quarter round slotted guide rail. The crosshatch ruler attaches to this new by-pass bar and allows the quilter to freely adjust the angle and position of the ruler for easy sewhead guidance. With this unique device the operator no longer has to struggle to keep their ruler stationary while guiding the longarm machine. It holds the back end of the ruler in position, set at the proper angle, and gives the quilter freedom to guide the sewing head.


Side Spool Holder

The Innova Side Spool Holder is a welcome addition for those who need to use small thread spools and cannot find their desired thread on larger top feed quilting cones.


Ecording Multitech

Innova’s unique patented, rotating sewhead, allows the operator to twist the sewhead out of the way for easy removal and maintenance. The rotating sewhead is a necessity for attachments, such as the Innova exclusive internationally patented automatic couching system, Ecording Multitech. This amazing add-on tool allows you to automatically couch decorative threads, yarns, ribbons, or cords while you quilt. You no longer need to hold the threads with one hand while guiding the machine in a zigzag fashion with the other. This innovation allows the stitching thread and couching material to feed simultaneously and the quilter to have both hands on the machine for better guidance and control.

lightning stitch

Lightning Stitch

The ground breaking Lightning Stitch has set the standard for stitch regulation in the industry.  Always imitated but never duplicated.  Our competitors refuse to invest in a high quality regulator and choose to use hobby model motors and drives.  Only ABM’s exclusive lightning stitch utilizes an industrial high quality AC servo motor and controller.  No other stitch regulator compares to lightning.  Take a test drive and compare from low speed intricate control to high speed accuracy, no other stitch regulator is in Lightning’s league.