Leader Grips

The Quilting Bee is an authorized Leader Grip dealer in Ontario, Canada.  We have sold over fifty sets.  I would never go back to pins again.

Are your fingers sore, bleeding?  Do you have torn shirts, dresses, ripped pants? How about belly scratches? Do you wear work aprons, and a wrist pincushion full of “corsage” pins? Does it take you 45 minutes to an hour to pin the backing on the leaders?

What if you could load a quilt in 10 minutes and no blood is shed.

This is the first rod and grip method for setting up the backing to the leaders. And if you use all three rollers you can set up the top leader also.  The rod is placed in the (3/4" or 2cm) casing of the leaders and is held together by a heat shrink or tape inside the casing.  The grip is snapped on over the backing on the rods. It is snapped on like a zip lock bag, you start at one end and work your way across the leaders. The grip is clear so you can see if it is catching all of the edge of the backing. The grip has a top edge so it is easy to press over the dowel rods and easy to pull up when you are finish with the quilting. Leadergrips holds the fabric taunt and smooth.

All kits come with instructions, mini grips, heat shrinks, and necessary rods and grips for the size you have chosen. Also there are extra small parts like the minis, 1 foot pieces and 2 foot pieces you can purchase separately.

This product is a time saver and has received many positive reviews.  You can also see the Manquilter as he shows how to load it on the APQS machine.  This system can be used on any long arm, mid arm, even short arm, and any quilting system that has leaders.